Brenda Knights

As the CEO of the Seyem’ Qwantlen Business Group, Brenda is responsible for 9 companies and 3 non-profit organizations owned by the Kwantlen First Nation. She is also tasked with being the face of the organization and represent her community and business at various conferences and government to government meetings. Brenda was previously the Operations Manager, Community Shuttle at the Coast Mountain Bus Company (a subsidiary of TransLink). Brenda holds a diploma in business management.

Brenda has a strong family connection to Kwantlen Nation, and when asked about how Seyem’s decision-making process works, Brenda says, “We employ the same approach that Kwantlen Nation has utilized for generations. Input is sought from the community, including Elders of the Kwantlen Nation community before a final direction is confirmed. This is no surprise considering that the core values of Seyem’ include family and unity.”