Russ Chipps

Russ Chipps is the Chief Councillor of the Beecher Bay First Nation. His position as Chief involves the governance of the Beecher Bay First Nation, the overseeing of health and business opportunities, and the guidance and development of Spirit Bay in the community. In addition, he owns and operates the company Nanny Goat Yard Works. Prior to becoming Chief, Mr. Chipps was involved as a councillor and managed the Cheanuh Marina. He is also the former Economic Development Officer of the Beecher Bay Casino Corporation. Mr. Chipps sits on the Spirit Bay Development board, which guides the development of building a sustainable town for Beecher Bay and other residents. He is a member of both the Indigenous Advisory Committee and the Inter Tribal Health Board. He is a former board member of the South Island Wellness Board. He participated in the creation of the First Nations Health council and served as a representative at that time.