Export Navigator

Let’s Grow Your Sales Beyond B.C.

When you join Export Navigator, you’ll be connected with an export advisor who will get to know your business. Free of charge, your advisor will collaborate with you one-on-one to create a realistic growth plan and help you on your export journey

 How exporting can help your business

Why consider an export strategy that grows your business beyond B.C? From increased sales to enhanced competitiveness, exporting can take your business further. New markets hold new possibilities — exporting brings them within reach.

How the program works

Exporting helps businesses grow, but the process can seem complicated. We’re here to demystify exporting — to help your business get export ready! Export Navigator is a free program available to B.C. businesses, and yours could be one of them.

The steps to exporting

To make the journey to exporting easier, we’ve broken down the process into four stages — we call this the export pathway. Once we assess what stage your business is at, we will help you create a clear and realistic export strategy.