Reconciliation in Action

Squamish Nation & Woodfibre LNG

Respecting Squamish Stewardship Through Business Collaboration

Woodfibre LNG and Squamish Nation engaged in a collaborative process that moved beyond legal requirements for consultation and now have an Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA).

Woodfibre LNG and Squamish Nation have taken the additional step of including the Nation as a project regulator. Including Squamish as a regulator was a key move to ensure the collaboration is grounded around the Nation’s principles of responsible land and marine stewardship and that the benefits to the Squamish people will remain active throughout the life of the project.

Woodfibre LNG worked directly with Squamish Nation to ensure that the LNG project was in alignment with the values of the Squamish people, and the Nation’s input has had a profound impact on project design. Following constructive dialogue and an extensive planning process, a number of major changes were made to the original plans. For example, Woodfibre LNG is the first LNG facility in B.C. to commit to powering the project using BC Hydro electricity. Woodfibre LNG also switched to an air-cooling system instead of seawater cooling and changed the location of the LNG processing plant from “floating” to on-land. These decisions, which directly addressed concerns raised by Squamish Nation, mean that when built, Woodfibre LNG will be one of the cleanest LNG export facilities in the world.

Read the Report:
Reconciliation in Action for Squamish Nation & Woodfibre LNG (PDF)