Reconciliation in Action

Tahltan Nation Development Corporation & Red Chris Development Company Ltd.

Working Together to Honour a Nation’s Commitments to Their Members

The Tahltan Nation signed an Impact, Benefit and Co-Management Agreement (IBCA) with Imperial Metals in relation to the Red Chris Mine. Under this agreement, Red Chris is required to provide contract opportunities to the Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC).

Today, Red Chris is TNDC’s primary customer. TNDC currently provides several key services for the Red Chris Mine, including heavy construction on the tailings impoundment area, road maintenance and camp services (food services and housekeeping). TNDC has benefited from the partnership through showcasing its competitive advantage, capabilities, quality and reliable service. As a self- sustaining business, TNDC maintains commitments to employees, vendors, suppliers and customers. Representing the economic interests of the Tahltan Nation, TNDC must also deliver on its mandate to its shareholders – the Tahltan membership.

Red Chris benefits from working with TNDC through its locally based equipment, personnel, knowledge and experience. TNDC benefits from working with a company that operates at high standards while working with TNDC to grow its capacity.

*On August 15, 2019 Imperial Metals announced the sale of a 70% interest in the Red Chris Mine to Newcrest Mining Limited. Imperial Metals and Newcrest have formed a joint venture for the operation of the Red Chris Mine, with Newcrest acting as operator. Imperial retains a 30% interest. The IBCA remains intact under the new partnership.

Read the Report:
Reconciliation in Action for Tahltan Nation Development Corporation & Red Chris Development Company Ltd. (PDF)