Reconciliation in Action

Tla’o’qui’aht First Nation & Barkley Project Group

Leveraging Expertise Through Partnership to Invest in a Sustainable Future

Tla’o’qui’aht First Nation (TFN) and Barkley Project Group partnered to create the Canoe Creek Hydro Project, a hydropower facility on Tla’o’qui’aht territory. During early discussions with Barkley, TFN recognized that their future business partner shared similar values around environmental stewardship and minimizing the impacts of developments.

Established in 2010, Canoe Creek Hydro Project is majority owned by TFN. Using recycled pipes, the project produces electricity used by 1,500 homes annually. This project marked a turning point for TFN, demonstrating paths to generate sole source revenue could exist for TFN. Building off the success of this project, TFN and Barkley have established two additional hydropower projects: the Haa-ak-suuk Creek Project and the Winchie Hydro Project. The Haa-ak-suuk Creek Project is also majority owned by TFN, and the Winchie Hydro Project Project is 100% owned by TFN.

TFN has benefited from the expertise and equity Barkley was able to bring to the table. The partnership lives on in other forms. The projects that have resulted through this partnership are economic engines that allow for significant re-investments into TFN’s other interests, supporting the Nation on its own path to self-determination.

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Reconciliation in Action for Tla’o’qui’aht First Nation & Barkley Project Group (PDF)