Reconciliation in Action

W Dusk Energy Group Inc. & Bullfrog Power

Renewing Communities with Renewable Energy

W Dusk is tackling energy, the biggest industrial sector in the world, to help communities become self-reliant through renewable energy empowerment. As a small company new to the energy sector, partnerships are integral for W Dusk. W Dusk relies on a trusted network of partners to ensure project success. Similarly, Bullfrog’s goal is to support renewable energy projects, including those that are Indigenous owned and built. Bullfrog’s customers pay a premium to source green energy, and part of this premium goes towards supporting community renewable energy projects.

An important aspect of W Dusk’s success comes from forging partnerships with established energy providers. W Dusk and Bullfrog, who have partnered on several projects, worked together to support the Haida Nation with installing solar panels on its Heritage Centre, which offset the community’s reliance on fossil fuels. The partnership has been very fruitful, with both W Dusk and Bullfrog valuing the connection between the natural world, green technology, and energy solutions, as well as leading the way in renewable energy deployment to address the on-going challenges of climate change.

Both partners also value First Nation participation. To ensure the continuation of increased capacity for Indigenous-led, in-community projects, both partners have worked to build a sincere relationship founded on trust. Creating trust has allowed the partnership to evolve organically. Working together has been crucial to W Dusk because the partnership is enabling the energy company start-up to grow. At the same time, Bullfrog benefits from the opportunity to work with First Nations communities to develop renewable energy solutions.

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Reconciliation in Action Report for W Dusk Energy Group Inc. & Bullfrog Power (PDF)