IBIC COVID-19 Indigenous Business Survey



The Indigenous Business and Investment Council (IBIC)’s COVID-19 Indigenous Business Survey was conducted April 22nd-29th, 2020, 6-7 weeks into implementation of social distancing directives from provincial health authorities in British Columbia. A similar survey was conducted for the general business community by the BC Chamber of Commerce, March 13th-18th, just as social distancing directives were ramping up.

Given the differing circumstances of Indigenous business – including significant instances of Nation-owned businesses, lower-collateral/higher-cost financing, seasonal businesses, and sole proprietorships it was felt that it was important to determine how the pandemic was impacting the Indigenous business community in British Columbia, and whether the emergency business supports introduced by the federal and provincial governments were addressing these circumstances.

The survey is based on the survey’s sample of 115 businesses from a distribution list of 761.

Read the report:
IBIC COVID-19 Indigenous Business Survey Report (PDF)