Fresh Slice Pizza

Jordan Low’s Fresh Slice Pizza in Prince George is breaking franchise records. The 20-year-old  saw an opportunity to fill a niche market in Prince George, and used the training he got from the Junior Achievement program to help him draft up a business plan.

“I took the program when I was in grade 10,” said Low. “It taught us how to draft up a business plan and gave some tips on how to be successful in business.”

Low is co-owner of the location, which opened March 1, 2016. And in that short period of time they broke the franchise record for ‘highest average sales for a month’ and ‘highest sales for a day’.

“I got the idea to open the restaurant while I was playing hockey for the Nanaimo Clippers,” he said. “I’d go to the Nanaimo location all the time and I thought to myself: ‘we need something like this in Prince George.’”

He wrote up his business plan, and pitched the idea to Stew and Sheryl Malgunas, owners of Husky Travel Centre in Prince George.

“I had done my research on franchise ownership, and really sold them on the idea,” said Low. “I knew that if we didn’t do this, someone else would.”

The location employs 12 staff, and Low is on-site managing most days as well.

“I found something that I’m really passionate about, and I put a lot of time into making it work,” he said. “We got that initial boost when we opened, being the new restaurant in town and everyone came out to see what we’re all about.”

With his main clientele being students, he says that business is picking up now that university students are back in town. But he is keeping his mind open about expanding further into other communities.

“A business like this can do well in almost any small town,” he said. “I’m keeping my eyes open for new opportunities, and I’m never close-minded about possible expansion.”